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Analyser Workshop

Network analysis and trouble shooting are one of the most advanced tasks a network engineer or developer can be faced with. Only a clearly defined test target and proper isolation of the function to test promises a solid conclusion.

The analysis workshop shows the big pictures of network testing, introduces to various testing tools and analysers and makes several practical excercises available to your fingertips.

Seminar Objectives

  • Review different kinds of testing
  • Understand definition of a SUT (system under test)
  • Learn diverse testing strategies
  • Work with various analyzers (hands-on)
  • Outlook to test automation

Seminar Description

  • Type: instructor-led,
  • Duration: 1-2 days (can be adopted as req.)
  • Practice: Hands-On Lab
  • Materials: Powerpoint slides with annotations, Instructor handbook upon request

Seminar Outline / Building Blocks

  • Introduction to Network Testing
  • Testing fields: performance, interoperability, conformance
  • SUT vs. DUT
  • Common Testing Issues
  • Ethernet based testing
  • ATM PVC vs. SVC
  • Isolation
  • Negative Testing
  • Error Insertion Scenarios
  • ...
  • Customer specific tasks